Knuckle Racket For Kids

Want to have fun with your kids? Want to keep your kids off drugs? Want to teach your kid how to punch? Get off the couch and play a game of Knuckle Racket with your kids!!!

New Knuckle Racket is designed for kids. We have a lightweight racket that lets you punch a much BIGGER ball giving you a bigger target to hit. Object of the game is similar to tennis.

You draw a line on the ground with chalk, and all you have to do is hit the ball over the line.

If your opponent misses the ball, you get a point. If you hit it out of bounds, your opponent gets a point. If it hits the ground more than once on your side, your opponent gets a point. The one that scores up to 11 first wins!

So, who will be the Knuckle Racket Champ on your block? Will it be you? PRE-ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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