Development Timeline

Making an Informercial

This is a teaser clip of the Knuckle Racket informercial. The full video is coming soon.

The Knuckle Racket is Featured on The Crowdfunder Show

Knuckle Racket Redesigned, New

Knuckle Racket Is Redesigned

Knuckle Racket is redesigned.

Manufacturing Quotes

Companies are too afraid to license a product of which they have no experience. Boxing companies say it is too much like racquet ball, and racquet ball companies say it is too much like boxing. Jose says, “I must pursue this on my own.” He starts getting quotes from manufacturers, and hopes to produce the Knuckle Racket under his own company, New Skool Sports. Since the Knuckle Racket was invented in the U.S.A., he tries to get it manufactured here but, U.S. manufacturing costs make this option an impossibility for Jose. Manufacturing overseas becomes the only viable option. Jose continues to compare manufacturing quotes.

Knuckle Racket Demo

Submitted For Licensing

Knuckle Racket is submitted for licensing to many well-established companies that are known in the boxing and tennis communities all over the world.

Knuckle Racket Racquet, 1-on-1 game with large ball

Promotional Video

A new and improved Knuckle Racket promo video is launched. See the video on YouTube.

Patent pending

Patent Pending

Mr. Castillo gets a ‘Patent Pending’ to protect his product.

Prepare A Presentation

After getting positive reviews from local people, Jose realized that this would be an awesome and marketable product. Jose decided to present it to some big-time companies. He began to prepare a presentation.
Knuckle Racket Prototype, set with ball

First prototype of the knuckle-racket, shown used by inventor Jose Castillo

First Prototype – It Works!

First prototype of the knuckle-racket, shown used by inventor Jose CastilloJose put together a prototype of the first Knuckle Racket set, made out of bicycle rims, racqet strings, and push-up equipment as handles.

A New Sport is Born

While playing racquetball at a local racquetball park, a thought came to Jose:

“No disrespect to racquetball, but I want to use both arms, not one. That’s it. I am punching the ball!”

New Skool Sports